Hai Tong & Partners have rich experiences in handling international trade disputes, once represented our clients in many arbitration proceedings of CIETAC and other arbitration institutes. We were invited from time to time by foreign parties to serve as Chinese law experts to appear in lawsuits or arbitration proceedings in countries and regions such as UK, Hong Kong and Australia; we have successfully applied for recognition and enforcement of many foreign arbitral awards in China.

                                                        Hai Tong & Partners also provide full cover of legal services for many multinational companies to establish wholly foreign owned enterprises and Sino-foreign joint ventures in China.

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                                                        • BEIJING
                                                          Add:Room 312706, Building SOHO 5, No.1 Futong East Street,Chao Yang District,?100102 Beijing, China?
                                                          Tel:86-10-8459?4525 (switch board)      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • TIANJIN
                                                          Add:Room 1702 Tower B Shui Xie Hua Yuan,Shuishang Beilu Nankai District
                                                          Tel:86-22-2359 2969/2979/1503      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • SHANGHAI
                                                          Add:Suite 1106, Ruifeng International Tower,No.248 Yang Shu Fu Road, 200082 Shanghai?
                                                          Tel:+86-21-5588 2939      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
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