The head-office of Hai Tong & Partners is located in the capital of China- Beijing, which is also the administrative center of China. Some of our lawyers had once worked in government departments before being a member of Hai Tong & Partners, which enables us to keep a good relationship with the government departments, timely understand the changes and development of Chinese laws, regulations and policies, and assist our clients to effectively negotiate with the government departments.

                                                        Hai Tong & Partners serve as legal counsel for many international organizations and large multinational companies, offering legal services of anti-monopoly, anti-unfair competition and other compliances to them, we have acted on behalf of multinational companies and international companies by many times to handled anti-monopoly investigation into them initiated by NDRC and MOT; we have also handled administrative lawsuits relating to shipping business, lodged reconsideration application for administrative penalties imposed by State organs, alleviated or exempted these penalties imposed by State organs. In addition, we have also provided advices on merger of many multinational shipping companies, such as P3 and the merger of container business of 3 Japanese shipping companies.

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                                                        • BEIJING
                                                          Add:Room 312706, Building SOHO 5, No.1 Futong East Street,Chao Yang District,?100102 Beijing, China?
                                                          Tel:86-10-8459?4525 (switch board)      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • TIANJIN
                                                          Add:Room 1702 Tower B Shui Xie Hua Yuan,Shuishang Beilu Nankai District
                                                          Tel:86-22-2359 2969/2979/1503      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • SHANGHAI
                                                          Add:Suite 1106, Ruifeng International Tower,No.248 Yang Shu Fu Road, 200082 Shanghai?
                                                          Tel:+86-21-5588 2939      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
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