Hai Tong lawyers are good at handling ship collisions, salvages, accidents of pollution, fire and personal injuries and deaths at sea. We founded a team consisting of full-time Master and experts who have practicing experiences in aspects of salvage, pollution prevention and dangerous goods handling.

                                                        A collision

                                                        They can offer emergency response service to clients at any time as well as subsequent accident handling plan. Typical cases we have handled include "SEALAND MARINER" fire and explosion, "CMA DJAKARTA" explosion of dangerous goods, "HANJIN PENNSYLVANIA" explosion of dangerous goods, “BUSAN EXPRESS” carriage of dangerous goods, "TASMAN SEA" oil spill, “Penglai 19-3” crude oil pollution, cases of ship collision such as MV “YI FA”, MV “XIN TAI HAI” and MV “MOKIHANA”. 

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                                                        • BEIJING
                                                          Add:Room 312706, Building SOHO 5, No.1 Futong East Street,Chao Yang District,?100102 Beijing, China?
                                                          Tel:86-10-8459?4525 (switch board)      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • TIANJIN
                                                          Add:Room 1702 Tower B Shui Xie Hua Yuan,Shuishang Beilu Nankai District
                                                          Tel:86-22-2359 2969/2979/1503      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
                                                        • SHANGHAI
                                                          Add:Suite 1106, Ruifeng International Tower,No.248 Yang Shu Fu Road, 200082 Shanghai?
                                                          Tel:+86-21-5588 2939      
                                                          Email:[email protected]
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