We draft and review various maritime and admiralty contracts for clients and handle disputes arising from these contracts, including charter parties, bills of lading, multimodal transport contracts, contracts of affreightment, logistics service contracts, crew employment contracts, salvage contracts, freight forwarding contracts and ship supply contracts, etc.

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                                                        Hai Tong lawyers have solid law foundation and superior law skills on handling disputes arising from charter parties and bill of lading. Being taken as leading precedents, the cases that Hai Tong lawyers handled at the Supreme Court of the People's Republic of China, such as the case of dispute over jurisdiction of B/L for MV “Golden Dove”, the case of “Zhejiang Silk v. IFB” (delivery of cargo without original bill of lading / time period), the case of MV “Wan Sheng” (proper title to sue as a shipper), Xiamen Prime vs. Maersk Line (China) Shipping Co., Ltd (public carrier), had great influence in the handling of similar cases in the future.

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